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3D Interactive Studio Using Virtools

Course Number: H98.1006


Instructor: Jean-Marc Gauthier

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of 2D computer graphics

Day 1:
Morning session: Introduction to the Virtools roadmap (lecture 2 hours).
Afternoon session: Virtools interface, managing assets for the project (2D, 3D, text, video, live streaming, sound, scripts, arrays), loading and using assets in Virtools, intro to scripting simple building blocks and behaviors. (Software: Photoshop, Maya, Virtools)
Day 2:
Morning session: Creating a game. Introduction to game production in Virtools: workflow and pipeline, example of Maya or 3DMax to Virtools projects
Afternoon session: Build your own game with 3D character(s), paths, collision detection, messages, scores and optimization (Software: motion capture Organic Motion, Motion Builder, Maya, Virtools)
Day 3 & 4:
March 26th: Designing applications for scientific visualization, display and navigation of large data sets. Examples of virtual eco-systems.
March 27th: Hands-on creation of a 3D interactive visualization of a city (Software: City Engine, Maya, Virtools). 3D visualization of small and large data sets in Virtools. Interface design, navigation and mining information.
Day 5: Introduction to virtual worlds and virtual communities in Virtools
Afternoon session: Hands-on creation and design of a virtual set as part of an online virtual community with user generated content and autonomous 3D actors. (Software: Virtools, Dreamweaver. Internet Explorer or similar)